Southern Pacific SD9E's of the Northwest.

This area is for SD9E's that ran in the northwest only. The gaol here is to get photos of all the SD9E's that ran here in the Northwest.

If anyone has any photos that will fill in the gaps, I would be more than happy to host them here. If you do not have any way to scan them. I scan them for you put them on this page. Of coures you get them back PDQ.

If you have images that are all ready scanned, make sure that your name is somewere on the photo. If you have no-way of doing this I will do it for you.

I would like to have scans no-smaller than 640x480---JPG or GIF formats. If other will convert them.

Thanks Mike Clark

E-mail me at sps700@comcast,net

Photos by Mike Clark, Rolland Rodway, Gene McKinley, Larry Tuttle, John Mosbarger, .
Jack Taylor, Brian Ambrose, Paul Maztan, Tom Fassett, Craig Bass.
New Photo:

Click on the unit number to see the larger photo.

SP4300 SP4301 SP4302 SP4303 SP4303b SP4304 SP4305 SP4306 SP4307 SP4308
SP4309 SP4310 SP4311 SP4312 SP4313 SP4314 SP4315 SP4316 SP4317 SP4318
SP4319 SP4320 SP4321 SP4322 SP4323 SP4324 SP4325 SP4326 SP4327 SP4328
SP4329 SP4330 SP4330 SP4330 SP4331 SP4332 SP4333 SP4334 SP4335 SP4336 SP4337 SP4338
SP4339 SP4340 SP4341 SP4342 SP4343 SP4344 SP4345 SP4346 SP4347 SP4348
SP4349 SP4350 SP4351 SP4352 SP4353 SP4354 SP4354b SP4355 SP4356 SP4357
SP4358 SP4359 SP4360 SP4361 SP4362 SP4363 SP4364 SP4365 SP4366 SP4367
SP4368 SP4369 SP4370 SP4371 SP4372 SP4373 SP4374 SP4375 SP4376 SP4377
SP4378 SP4379 SP4380 SP4381 SP4382 SP4383 SP4384 SP4385 SP4386 SP7387
SP4388 SP4389 SP4390 SP4391 SP4392 SP4393 SP4394 SP4395 SP4395b SP4396
SP4397 SP4398 SP4399
SP4400 SP4401 SP4402 SP4403 SP4404 SP4405 SP4406 SP4407 SP4408 SP4409
SP4409b SP4410 SP4411 SP4412 SP4413 SP4414 SP4415 SP4416 SP4416b SP4417
SP4418 SP4419 SP4420 SP4421 SP4422 SP4422b SP4423 SP4424 SP4425 SP4426
SP4427 SP4428 SP4429 SP4430 SP4431 SP4432 SP4433 SP4433 SP4433 SP4434 SP4435 SP4436
SP4437 SP4437b SP4439 SP4440 SP4441
SP4450 SP4451

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