Southern Pacific GP9E's of the Northwest.

The goal here is the same as with the SD9E's. Read the top of the SD9e Page.

Photos by Mike Clark, Jeff Pape, Rolland Rodway, and Gene McKinley, Larry Tuttle,
Jack Taylor.

New photos:

click on the unit number to see the big photo.

SP3341 SP3353 SP3362 SP3366 SP3367 SP3388 SP3397 SP3398
SP3416 SP3419 SP3421 SP3435 SP3499 SP3640
SP3749 SP3752 SP3759 SP3760 SP3761 SP3763
SP3768 SP3769 SP3770 SP3773 SP3777 SP3780 SP3784
SP3817 SP3820 SP3822 SP3833 SP3840 SP3841 SP3846
SP3851 SP3852 SP3873 SP3878
SP3879 SP3880 SP3883

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