Cantara Loop Gardrail.

Cantara Loop is 2 mi. south, and 1.5 west of the town of Mt. Shasta CA, and about 3 mi. northwest of Dunsmuir, CA on I5. Train speed is 25 MPH.

10 years ago a SP train going north to Oregon derailed on this bridge, witch is in the middle of a looping curve ( Cantara loop ). A train with a string of emty flats, had a loaded tankcar in the middle of the flats, with 20,000 gals. of weed killer in it. This tankcar, and the emty flats were pulled off the tracks in middle of the curve. The spill from the tankcar killed every thing down stream for 40 miles, all the way south to Lake Shasta. This is why the gardrail was built to stop any more trains from going into the stream. But Why did this take 10 years to do this??

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